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Links For Students:

Plagiarism Avoidance
This tutorial aims to help you understand how to steer clear of plagiarism. It has a quiz included so you can send results to a professor to demonstrate that you have learned how to manage academic citations in an effective manner.

Citation Builder
This is a little online device which helps you learn to understand each component of an information source’s publication data. Once you type the elements such as author, title, journal name, date of publication, and page numbers into the device, you can select the citation style required in your department (such as MLA or APA.) It will set up the right order of the elements and then you can copy and paste the reference into a bibliography if you wish.

Assignment Calculator
The Assignment Calculator allows you to type in the date an academic assignment is due and then it opens up a timeline for you to consider as you do the assignment. Suggestions for success at every step of the way to completion are listed. http://www.libraries.wvu.edu/instruction/assignmentcalculator/