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Information Literacy Competency Outcomes by Year of Study

a. First Year/Second Year--- In the first and second years, the focus is on foundational information literacy skills, instruction, and practice. This foundational curriculum aims to bring all students up to the same level of basic understanding and competence so that future instruction can take place in the appropriate contextual setting as students progress through their studies. After students have received the basics, we focus on building and reinforcing foundational skills and concepts. The faculty with whom we collaborate, as well as the course context, determine the content and form of this curriculum.

b. Third Year/Fourth Year--- The discipline specific curriculum occurs in the students' junior and senior years, and involves a lot of collaboration between discipline faculty and librarians. The focus here is integrating skills and expanding knowledge of specialized, discipline-specific resources, advanced searching and evaluating skills, and ethical matters of intellectual property in the context of each of the disciplines and where possible, address critical thinking.

c. Graduate/Professional Students--- The graduate curriculum provides expanding opportunities for conducting research in the discipline. Librarians work with faculty to design information literacy sessions at a more advanced level, and by this time, are dealing with students that are more competent and skilled in information literacy. Instruction at this level focuses on advanced assistance with research methods and resources.

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