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Information Literacy and Instruction Program Goals

To respond to the imperatives of the dynamic information environment, the Libraries’ mission and the University’s 2020 Plan, the Instruction Committee of the WVU Libraries aspires to move WVU Libraries’ contribution to research instruction to the next level in the coming year. We aim to use available expertise, resources, and careful planning to teach as many WVU students as possible how to develop their research capabilities, think critically, and achieve academic success. We have set the following goals to achieve this mission for information literacy competencies throughout our academic community.

Goal #1: Increase the number of students reached by the information literacy program.

Goal #2: Enrich current instruction to allow deeper learning of information literacy outcomes and focus on critical thinking in teaching, assignments, and assessment.

Goal #3: Assess teaching and learning of information literacy instruction at WVUL and report findings to the Director of Instruction and Information Literacy.

Goal #4: Establish information literacy as a priority on the West Virginia University campus.

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