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Searching for Government Documents

Catalogs and Databases | Finding Federal Agencies | Search Engines

Catalogs and Databases

    Catalog of U.S. Government Publications. (1976-) 
Declassified Government Documents
    From the National Security Archive at George Washington University.
    Central access point for searching, and acquiring government information.
GPO Access
   Provides free electronic access to Federal information.
Marcive  (On Campus Only)
    Catalog of government publications since July 1976.
New Electronic Titles
    Government publications available in electronic format.
   USA.gov for science

Finding Federal Agencies

U.S. Federal Government Agencies Directory (LSU Libraries)
    Lists current U.S. Federal Government agencies as represented in the U.S. Government Manual. 
University of Michigan Documents Center
    Excellent overall subject breakdown of government information.

Search Engines

    One stop access to online federal government information.
Google U.S. Government Search

    Searches only internet sites with .gov or .mil