Ask a Librarian

Why Have an Offsite Storage Facility?

The libraries cannot house all of the system wide holdings in the current or planned space. Campus libraries have low use materials whose absence makes space for current resources. Construction of a high density offsite storage facility provides a practical solution to space and financial considerations. 

The WVU Libraries Depository will eventually house 1 million volumes. The facility provides optimal temperature and humidity for fragile archival items, as well as efficient storage for low use materials. High-density shelving refers to 36” by 53” shelves framed 30’ high. Books are sorted by size, stored in bar coded acid free trays, wrapped in archival paper if necessary for optimal use of space and preservation purposes. A battery powered lift is utilized for book shelving and retrieval. 

The Book Depository will provide 24-hour turn around time and will utilize fax or digital transmission when practical. The facility will become a critical component of the university library system and provide support for both research and teaching.