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Honor Your Favorite Librarian

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
January 28th, 2010

The Outstanding Librarian Award nominations deadline is fast approaching. This award is presented once every three years to recognize exceptional contributions toward the delivery, development, or expansion of library services or special programs for the constituencies of WVU. Attributes sought in the finalist may include leadership, initiative, creativity, dedication, and exemplary attitude. The award is open to both current and retired WVU Libraries faculty.

Nominations will be accepted from WVU administration, faculty, and staff and must be submitted on the official nomination form by February 15.

For more information or a nomination form: www.libraries.wvu.edu/awards


Information Overload: Teaching Information Literacy in the Technology Age

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
January 12th, 2010

In today’s digital age, students are presented with numerous sources of information that may or may not be factual. They are often not aware of the various research techniques and resources available to them and do not know how to gauge whether or not the information that they find online or in databases is from a reliable source.

Saya Bobick, Melissa Chesanko, Jayné Chapple, Arnita Sitasari, and Laura Trent, graduate teaching assistants in the Center for Women’s Studies, decided to research this problem in an attempt to better serve their students. The graduate students conducted two hands-on workshops for each of their Introduction to Women’s Studies classes in collaboration with Carroll Wilkinson, West Virginia University librarian.

Chesanko commented that the information literacy sessions for her classes gave her an opportunity to learn along with her students.

“Each time Carroll comes to our class I pick up something new,” she said. “It also serves as a great reminder about searching effectively and checking the validity of the sources I use in my own research.”
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