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Changes in Libraries Computer Log-On

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
June 24th, 2005

Students and faculty will start using new user names and passwords to sign on to computers at the WVU Libraries on Friday, July 1. This change comes as the University makes the switch to the new Mountaineer card.

For students, the user name is the first portion of their MIX account address. For example: If an address is jjones4@mix.wvu.edu, the user name is jjones4.

The password is a person’s birthday plus the last four digits of his WVU ID number. For example: If someone’s birthday is July 4 and WVU ID number is 700-12-3456, his password would be 043456.

Students needing help finding their WVU ID number can ask for assistance at the reference desk or access services desk in the library.

For faculty and staff, the user name is their WVU employee number. The number can be found at the Human Resources web site. As with students, they will use a combination of birthday and the last four digits of their WVU ID number for a password.

To prepare for the change, the Downtown Campus, Evansdale and Health Sciences libraries will open at 9 a.m. July 1.


Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences

Posted by btoren@wvu-ad.wvu.edu.
June 21st, 2005

June is Dairy Month - a perfect time to announce the acquisition of a new reference book at the Evansdale Library related to Dairy Science. The Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences is a four volume set containing 427 articles addressing topics related to milk production and dairy technology. In addition to covering all species that supply milk for human consumption, there is also coverage of a wide range of topics beyond production and processing, including nutritional and public health issues and dairy industry economics and trade.

Located in the Evansdale Library Reference Collection:    REF    SF229   .E52     2003

cover Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences


U.S. Patent Searching Workshop

Posted by btoren@wvu-ad.wvu.edu.
June 10th, 2005

Thursday, June 23 from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Evansdale Library (Room 130)

Marian Armour-Gemmen, Patent & Trademark Reference Librarian, will present an introductory workshop on the patenting process on Thursday, June 23 at the Evansdale Library. Marian will cover the basics of preliminary patent searching including classification and Public PAIR. There will be an opportunity for hands-on instruction in using the U.S. Patent Office's online database of patents from 1790 to the present. Please bring your WVU ID to be able to log on to computers.

For more information contact Marian Armour-Gemmen at 293-4696 x5106 or at marmour@wvu.edu.

patent logo


Book Lovers Roadshow Returns

Posted by Monte Maxwell.
June 3rd, 2005

Forget the old adage. Jack Walsdorf regularly judges books by their cover, and the practice often brings broad smiles to those listening to his judgments.

He’s quick to point out if The Old Man and the Sea is a little weathered and dog-eared or if Huck Finn is dirty and looks like he’s taken a few knocks. Such flaws could be costly, Walsdorf is sure to comment. But he is just as quick to declare when The Great Gatsby appears clean and well-kept. The result could mean a fortune.

Walsdorf will share his opinions on books this summer when he returns the WVU Libraries with his Book Lovers’ Road Show. The WVU Libraries will host the book appraiser and collector at 2 p.m. July 31 in the Robinson Reading Room of Wise Library.

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