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WVU Adds New Light to Learning

Posted by btoren@wvu-ad.wvu.edu.
November 29th, 2001

By Sara Bott. Staff Writer. The Daily Athenaeum

Students walking the stairways of the new Wise Library will notice the orange walls with blue hand railings surrounding them. Natural light will stream in from the windows on both sides of the building. Circles seem to dominate throughout the library.

These aspects are ones they are hoping will help students feel more comfortable in the library, according to Ruth Nellis, coordinator of library construction.

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It's Not Just a Move, it's a ‘Leap': WVU Will Have its ‘Library of the Future' Next Semester

Posted by btoren@wvu-ad.wvu.edu.
November 26th, 2001

By Brad McElhinny, Charleston Daily Mail

MORGANTOWN -- Packing up the contents of a library and moving them to another location is not like moving the contents of your home.

Do your spoons have to be numbered and placed in order? And if you don't unpack a box or two as long as you own your home, will anyone care?

But when officials at West Virginia University start transferring thousands of books and periodicals to the new campus library next month, you can be sure the movers will possess expertise in moving heavy objects and in keeping them in order.

"This is like throwing the contents of 20 to 50 households all together and having everything end up in the right order," said project coordinator Ruth Nellis. "If everything gets out of order, it's a major problem. We'd prefer to be able to find everything."

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