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Gifts of Books and Materials

West Virginia University Libraries welcome and encourage gifts of books and materials for the libraries that support the University’s curriculum and research objectives.

Subject Librarians review gift volumes for retention. Needs of the collection, individual subject collecting practices, and physical condition are all factors in retention decisions. Items in poor physical condition will not be retained except by prior special arrangement with one of our special collections bibliographers.

The Libraries do not accept conditions with regard to the processing, retention or housing of gift items. The library may add items to the collection, sell or dispose of items in accordance with University policy, or donate items to other libraries if more appropriate for another collection. Proceeds from the sale of donated materials which are not added to the collection will support the acquisition of new library materials.

Because the library does not accept conditions as to retention or treatment of individual items or collections, the Library encourages individuals to contact our special collections bibliographers directly in cases of unusual gifts or large collections needing individual attention. Bibliographers for these collections are listed below.

The Libraries encourage donors to consider, for their own interest, obtaining an appraisal of their gifts for income tax purposes prior to donation. The library does not create or retain a listing of donated items and will not be able to provide information other than the number of items donated.

To be accepted, all gifts must fall within the guidelines of the Libraries’ collection development policies. Some basic guidelines are listed here:

Special Collections Bibliographers:
Jo. Brown – Appalachian Collection
Harold Forbes – West Virginia Collection
Lori Hostuttler – History of Medicine Collection, Health Sciences Library

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